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Sounds Good To Me

Roger PatelLaQuinta - Waco, TX

"The problem is the Hotel Industry (GM'S AND OWNERS) are not yet aware of this product yet and should be. This is a Great Product!

Please feel free to contact me as a testament or reference. 100 of these latches were installed in my Hotel May of 2022." 

Southern Hospitality 

     At the Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Supply Show in Myrtle Beach, hoteliers gave The Quiet Guardian an enthusiastic reception.

     Pictured right, Holiday Inn owner Bhatwala Himanshu, (second from right) said, " finally, a lock that will protect our electrical locks.  We are taking down the flip locks and replacing them with Quiet Guardians."  

     Best Western owner, Kenny Patel said, "I'm glad someone finally thought of this."

      Thanks to Acculock for adding The Quiet Guardian to it's catalog and introducing us to the Southeast.  

bought 400 locks.jpg
Kenny Patel at Myrtle Beach show.jpg
Hitesh Patel and Craig Patel.jpg

Hitesh Patel and Craig Patel, partners in the Wisdom Group from Sarasota Florida said they love the Quiet Guardian.  “It makes sense.  We need to switch.”

Will Zhang called Quiet Guardian, genius.jpg

At November's HX Design in New York, Will Zhang Director of Design and Product Innovation for Emtek called The Quiet Guardian “genius”

Simply A Better Design
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